Our Story

It is a initiative by two sisters, since childhood what started as homemade Moms’ recipes for skin and hair care became passion to share it with others as well.  

We were inspired by Ethical and go green concept, as we researched more about it  we started to notice that not only were the ingredients in consumer products not helping to heal, but they were also causing damage.  

We noticed that lot of people either they are making DIYs products or selling it too expensive or their packaging is in plastic containers / non Eco friendly & etc.

We wanted to create #ethicalmadeaffordable #golocal  

After a maddening roller coaster ride we were randomly brainstorming one day and connected the words to come up with our brand name BEEMAD (make a difference).

We are certified formulator after pursuing a certification in Natural skincare & hair care products. 

We did lot of experiments using Natural raw materials, high botanical extracts, herbs, Oils and etc. and formulated our entire product range for skin and hair.

We pour our hearts into our work and we are so excited to share our products with you.